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Trademarks are one of many intellectual property classifications designed to establish and protect your brand identity. Even if your company has no need for protecting any other forms of “intangible” property, it is wise to consider the value of protecting your business name, logo, symbols, graphics, taglines—or any other word, sound, or unique symbols you use to distinguish your business.

Safeguard Your Brand Identity


You invest significant time and resources in distinguishing your brand from your competition. Safeguard your investment, by establishing legal ownership and rights to your innovations that can be trademarked. For the fact that you’ve got limited legal rights to some of your IP, even without having a trademark, you leave yourself legally vulnerable to those who attempt to impersonate your brand.

You can trademark your business name, taglines, logos, symbols, graphics, and more!


Consider Trademarks before You Move Forward with Intellectual Property


Trademarks are one of many intellectual property rights you can register for within Canada. Since trademarks are typically used to establish brand identity, it is prudent to work with an experienced IP lawyer before you move forward with your business name, logo, or any other qualified brand distinguisher you may decide to trademark. This way you can ensure that your distinguishers are indeed unique, and will not need to be revised at some point down the road.

International Trademark Lawyer


Trademarks are not only required to establish legal ownership within Canada but also internationally. Before you can register your brand distinguishers for international trademarks, you must first register locally. Registering with Mississauga and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a complex process, but the process could be simplified by working with Kozlowski & Company.

Reach out to Kozlowski & Company today to discuss trademarks and other intellectual property rights needed to establish local, nationwide, and global brand identifiers.