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There is a growing number of industrial, technical, scientific, literary and artistic inventions that need to be safeguarded with the appropriate intellectual property (IP) rights. If the products you develop fall into the non-physical, or intangible umbrella, then you must establish legal ownership with the appropriate intellectual property rights.

What Are Intellectual Property Rights?


Establishing intellectual property rights (IP) protects you from competitors who may attempt to copy or claim ownership to your intangible innovations. The type of IP you require will vary depending upon the type of invention you have created; which is growing rapidly due to the multiple emerging innovations in science, agriculture, and technology. Depending on your needs, this could include any combination of the following:

  • Intellectual Property Patent
  • Industrial Design Patent
  • Design Patent
  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Internet Trademark & Copyright
  • Integrated Circuit Typography
  • Plant Breeders Rights
  • Trade Secret

Kozlowski & Company will advise upon the appropriate IP solutions, and will help you navigate the complex legal process for establishing legal ownership for your innovations.

Intellectual Property Rights to Expand Your Business


Maximize your IPs by using them to grow, expand, and further establish your business. Prospective investors prefer that IPs are established; and intellectual property rights are required if you plan to license your products.

Not sure which of your products require an IP? The list is long, but the general categories include:

  • Scientific methods
  • Electronic devices
  • Images
  • Graphic designs
  • Industrial design
  • Written work
  • Works of art
  • Music

Have You Registered Your IP in Foreign Countries?


After establishing your IP rights in Mississauga, Ontario, you may be interested in exporting your invention outside of Canada. Canada has ratified treaties within many foreign countries, and Kozlowski & Company will help you register your IPs properly in your countries of choice before you export.

The process of establishing intellectual property rights is complex. Simplify this process with the legal expertise of Kozlowski & Company.