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The area of Administrative Law typically refers to the substantive and procedural law for determining rights and disputes through specialized Boards and Tribunals, usually governed by Federal or Provincial legislation which exclude applications through the Courts other than where an appeal is provided by the legislation or judicial review of the decision of an administrative body is sought.

These judicial or quasi-judicial Tribunals or Boards often have the power to make decisions which fundamentally affect a person’s livelihood and can have far reaching effects notwithstanding the typically somewhat less rigorous procedures followed by these administrative boards.

Examples of some of these Boards or Tribunals include the following Ontario and Federal bodies:



Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

Financial Services Commission

Land Titles Assurance Fund

Landlord and Tenant Board

Law Society Tribunal (ONLST)

Ontario Social Benefits Tribunal (ONSBT)

Ontario Human Rights Commission

Ontario Labour Relations Board

Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)

Ontario Securities Commission

Personal Property Security Assurance Fund

Rental Housing Tribunal

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board



Canadian Human Rights Commission

Competition Tribunal

Immigration and Refugee Board

National Parole Board

Patent Appeal Board

Patented Medicine Prices Review Board

Privacy commissioner of Canada

Trademarks Opposition Board

Transportation Safety Board


More information on each of the above Boards and Tribunals are available through the above links to more detailed pages on our website.   Please feel free to call us to see how we may be able to assist you in this area.